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The 1-2-1 Relationship That Delivers  Outstanding Expertise, Personal Support And A Unique Roadmap Built Exclusively For YOUR Job Hunt 


Work 1-2-1 Every Week With Simon Ward in a Relationship That Guarantees You a Job Hunt As Comprehensive and Structured As This

The Executive Partnership – The Ultimate Job Hunting Relationship

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"The Executive Partnership Pathway creates unique and deeply personal journeys for each & every Job Hunter I work with. Defined by a careful analysis of their needs, values and aspirations and driven by an innovative approach to the jobs market, it works. It’s that simple!"

- Simon Ward

Be One Of Only TEN Job Hunters That Simon Works 1-2-1 With At Any One time.

Simon is the Founder of I Got Hired™, the author of five best sellers on the art of job hunting, the host of The Hear & Get Hired Podcast and the architect and host of The Job Search Accelerator Program.

With over 30 years experience across the recruitment & HR industry Simon’s unique ‘Multi Lens’ view helps create innovative, effective and accelerated job hunts.

The Executive Partnership is Simon's Passion - he is totally committed to the success of the job hunters he works so closely with.

To GUARANTEE THEIR SUCCESS he will only work with TEN job hunters at any one time.

The Executive Partnership is built on an intelligent foundation of detailed engagement, extensive, relevant expertise and proven processes from the start.

From Simon's very first discussion with a candidate he works with the 'Partner' to construct a detailed pathway that leads from their aspirational drivers for their career, through an innovative and competitive job hunting process to securing and preparing for the role that ticks all the boxes.

The Executive Partnership In Detail

The Executive Partnership – The Ultimate Job Hunting Relationship

Exactly What To Expect From Simon & The Executive Partnership Team

  • An initial personal and  comprehensive consultation to agree aspirations, milestones and targets  for your Partnership Pathway
  • Personal, structured  121 coaching sessions with Simon EVERY WEEK to ensure we deliver together on your Partnership Pathway
  • Your Own Executive Partnership  team working behind the scenes to help you run a competitive & compelling job hunt campaign
  • Personal WhatsApp, Messenger and phone support from Simon & The team to make sure you are never alone 
  • Detailed 'Progress Chasing" against your personal targets by email to make sure you stay on track
  • "Emergency Prep Sessions" for those last minute events, calls and interviews
  • Exclusive Executive Partnership Webinars with special Guests and unique topic coverage
  • Exclusive Lifelong Membership of The Executive Partnership LInkedIn Group 

Simon's With You Ever Step Of The Way On Your Job Hunt Journey

  • Creating the perfect environment for your job hunt - at home and at work
  • Setting SMART targets creating a  performance evaluation framework 
  • Creating a 'Career Clarity Statement' - understanding The end game
  • Defining The Perfect Role AND the perfect employer
  • Creating A Personal Campaign Plan & Channel Strategy
  • Drafting of a clear, concise Elevator Pitch to shape your sales messaging
  • A full review and optimisation of your "Triple CV Set"
  • Optimisation Of your LinkedIn profile and a detailed content & activity plan
  • A personal branding strategy and further content and tome definition
  • Recruiter, Job Board and 'direct to market strategies and implementation
  • Application support and process ownership 
  •  Interview prep & performance bootcamp

The Executive Partnership Has Been Carefully Created For People Who Want A Professional, Comprehensive & EFFECTIVE Job Hunt But Know Its Not What They Do Best 

  • You understand the importance of your job hunt – a successfully planned, managed and executed job hunt could define the rest of your life
  • You know you have to get it right for the good of your family, for the good of your career, for your own fulfilment and happiness but….
    • Job hunting is new to you
    • Its’s not your core skill
    • You know that to do it right takes time, quite a lot of time
    • You understand that the little things make the difference and that they take time
    • You know it is a detailed and complex process (that you don’t know much about)
    • You know that you have to work on your job hunt every day
    • You don’t’ really know where to start or what to do next
    • You know it will take skills and time that you just don’t have
Book A Call With Simon Today To Explore How The Executive Partnership Could Accelerate Your Job Hunt

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