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Our Core Coaching Programs

The Job Search Accelerator

Live Coaching, On-Demand Training & A Unique Toolkit
Job hunting today can be tougher than it's ever been. Your competitors are better coached and their skills are more sophisticated than ever. 
The Job Search Accelerator Program offers the competitive edge you need and you get it all IN JUST 5 HIGH IMPACT DAYS.
The unique combination of live coaching, on demand training and carefully curated tools, templates & checklists guarantees every job hunter knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it like an expert!
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The CV Accelerator

Don’t Let you’re CV be one of The 99% Submitted That Fail To Get An Interview.
Your CV is still the 'heart ands soul' of your job hunt. It is your key sales document and defines the tone of your messaging. You dont just need to get it right you need to get it perfect
Once your prep is done, your campaign planned and your targets set it’s time to get your CV SYSTEM right and get it right quickly.
This focused, driven Masterclass uses all the expertise and technology at The JobzLab’s disposal to create a simple but transformational course that walks you through the process of creating a winning CV Toolkit.
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The Job Search Gym

Give Us Just 10 Minutes A Day And We'll Give You A World Class Job Hunt .... FREE!
The Job Search Gym is a unique FREE Job Hunting Group  that delivers detailed & structured job hunting advice and tools every weekday.
The SimonWard.Online team deliver 10 minutes of free on-demand training everyday and back that up with an open Q&A session once a week too.
Join the group on LinkedIn or Facebook and get your job hunt fit for today's challenging market in just 10 minutes a day and pick up loads of FREE resources too!


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The Executive Partnership

The 1-2-1  Coaching Relationship That Drives Success
The Executive Partnership gives you the opportunity to work directly one to one with Simon. 
Together you will walk through a detailed and proven Pathway to a create compelling and competitive job hunt campaign.
Simon only works with a maximum of 10 Executive Partners at any one time and will personally help you create all your key collateral like your CV and LinkedIn profile and prepare for interviews throughout your job search
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