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Our Consultants Combine Professional Coaching & Leading Edge Technology To Deliver High Impact Job Hunting Support Made For The 2022 Market


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SimonWard.Online™ Solutions Are The Future of Job Hunting

Our unique combination of Personal Coaching, Evidence Based Education & High Tech Platforms deliver 21st century learning & powerful software that tames the chaos of the busiest job search and puts all the expertise & support you need at your fingertips.

Our Core Coaching Programs

Sometimes You Just Need To Have A Personal Career Coach In Your Pocket 

The Executive Partnership is the unique 1-2-1 relationship, directly with Simon, that delivers outstanding expertise, personal support and a clear & concise Roadmap built exclusively for your own personal job hunt
Work with Simon and the Executive Partnership team of experts 1-2-1 every week 


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25 Live Coaching Sessions In 25 Days To Turbo Charge Your     Job Hunt

In today's job market you need to be in control of every step and every task. You need to be expert in everything, The differentiation is in the detail.
This carefully structured five module live coaching program  takes you step by step from the first day of your job hunt to 100 days into your exciting new role.


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Give Us 10 Minutes A Day And We'll Give You A Job Hunt That's Fit For Today's Market


Visit The Job Search Gym every day to jump into a new coaching session and then pick up the tools and resources you need to make the most of what you learn
Get to The Gym and follow a structured and proven approach to job hunting.


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Create The Perfect CV For Every Opportunity Even If You Have Never Written A CV


Every successful job hunt doesn't just a have a great CV as it's foundation - it has a great CV for every application
This five day coaching program walks you through how to tailor your CV to be competitive and compelling for every role you apply for - quickly, simply, consistently
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A Detailed Journey Built On A Foundation Of Preparation & Planning


A Detailed Journey Built On A Foundation of 

Preparation & Planning

Every SimonWard.Online Executive Partnership job hunter works with our coaches and our technology to follow a detailed and proven pathway to their next great new role. From mutual understanding of targets and planning, through personal brand & marketing to collateral, assessment & offers, The Job Search Accelerator™ journey has it covered.

The Power of
Purpose | Pace | Precision

Once the foundation is in place, job hunters can go to market with a powerful and purposeful campaign that is empowered to work at pace without compromising precision.

Look What
Job Search Accelerator™ Job Hunters 

Have Achieved 



You've Got Nothing To Lose With Our


It's really simple - If after working through any SimonWard.Online™ Program for 90 days you haven't got, or don't believe you will get that, perfect job very soon, we'll send you your money back - just like that.
All we ask is that you follow the process, use the program you have purchased & give yourself the best chance you've ever had to change your career & your life.
In case you're wondering why we can give this cast iron guarantee – it’s because The SimonWard.Online™ Programs WORK - simple as that.

A Powerful Combination Delivering A Unique Experience

It’s Not Just One Expert – It’s 100s
The SimonWard.Online™ platform has been built and shaped by the input and expertise of an international team of over 30 HR and Recruitment experts – and they captured the thoughts and ideas of hundred of candidates and hiring & HR managers.


It’s Not Scary If You Know What To Do Next
The SimonWard.Online Pentagon Process has been proven over 5 years to accelerate and optimise the job hunts of literally thousands of candidates. It’s practical yet detailed and prepares you for every step of a truly competitive job hunt.


It’s Not Scary If You Know What To Do Next

The Jobzlab™’s Pentagon process has been proven over 5 years to accelerate and optimize the job hunts of literally thousands of candidates. It’s practical yet detailed and prepares you for every step of a truly competitive job hunt.


Tech To Simplify Not Complicate
SimonWard.Online's innovative technology platforms are there to make your job hunt smoother, quicker, simpler, more informed and more joined up. That’s what technology is meant to do, right?


So Many Ways To Keep In Touch
SimonWard.Online is always there by your side as you work through your journey. Whether its text, email live sessions or our proprietary forum platform Xchange, we are with you 100% of the way.


So Many Ways To Keep In Touch

JobzLab™ is always there by your side as you work through your journey. Whether its text, email live sessions or our proprietary forum platform Xchange, we are with you 100% of the way.

Whatever Challenges

You Face In Your Job Hunt SimonWard.Online

 Makes All The Difference

Job hunting is a personal, and at times lonely, experience. But wherever you are on that journey you may need support and guidance.
And wherever you are on that journey you can step right into The Simon Ward.Online™ support ecosystem, without ever taking a backwards step.

I Don’t Know Where To Start Or

What To Do Next

Prepare For Success
Starting a job hunt can be scary; there’s so much to learn and so much to do AND there’s just too much conflicting advice out there making things even more complicated.
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I Don’t Know How To Create

A Killer Resume

Your Sales Toolkit
Although SimonWard.Online™ will teach you about all the documents you need in your Job Hunt Toolkit, your resume will always be at the heart of everything you do.
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I Don’t Know Where To Find

The Perfect Job

The Jobs Jungle
The jobs market is changing, and changing very fast. Employers are getting more directly involved and candidates are having to take more responsibility.
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I Don’t Know How To

Ace Interviews

The Perfect Interview
Probably the single most stressful event in your job hunt will be your interviews. But they really don’t have to be. We gives you the tools & expertise to prepare for and ace every interview, every time.
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I Don’t Know How To Negotiate

A Killer Deal

Closing The Deal
So, after all your hard work, your great resume and fantastic interview performance, this is the moment of truth. It’s time to make sure you get what you deserve.
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What We Say Isn’t Important - It’s

What Our Members Say That Matters

"The interview tips in The Job Search Accelerator Program™ not only improved how I performed at interviews but also taught me how to follow up & secure the offer. I now work for a global corporate in a challenging, rewarding & fun roll."

Sonia Beritzo
Chief of Staff
New York, USA

"At last, a Job hunting program that walked me right through my job search from day one until I actually started in my new job. Brilliant! It is so simple to follow and the advice and guidance is just straight forward and practical."

Uzhair Katawhala
Call Centre Operator
Manchester, UK

"Over the years I have used a number of resume writing guides & books on how to prepare for an interview, but after The Job Search Accelerator Program™ I just won’t need anything else. The program all fits together so easily & makes perfect sense. The free Action Lists were particularly useful."

Alex Easter
Sales Manager
London, UK

"The Job Search Accelerator Program™ just does the job; it’s as simple as that. I takes you by the hand, leads you through the jobs market & supports you every step of the way through your job search. The five workbooks join up seamlessly and you always know what to do next and how to do it."

Rob Johnson
IT Support Technician
Bournemouth, UK

"I had not been able to secure a job for nearly two years. I followed The Job Search Accelerator Program™ job application process & was offered 3 jobs in just over 5 weeks! The Program is really easy to follow and the illustrations, checklists and homework topics kept me on track."

Francesca Waltham
Retail Executive
London, UK

"Thank you The Job Search Accelerator Program™. I’m a typically disorganised bloke but SimonWard.Online™ put me in control of my job search. I knew where everything was & what I needed to do next from researching employers to resume writing & making a job application. I got a job in two months."

Dave Milton
Truck Driver
Melbourne, Australia

High Impact, Transformational Coaching & Training

Whether it is The Job Search Accelerator, The Executive Partnership Or The Job Search Gym Program; whether it’s an Executive 1-2-1 session, a 1-2 many event or On-Demand training our coaching is structured, powerful and impactful.
Delivered by our world class Career and Job Search Coaches you will know you are in the hands of multi-lens, highly experienced experts.
The only motivation our coaches have is to help you, guide you and support you.
We don’t make it about us – It’s all about you and your success.

SimonWard.Online™ At A Glance

Joins up every document, tool & application

Unique system that revolutionizes job hunting

Hosted on the world’s most secure internet platform

Available at a fraction of all other job hunting tools

Personalize SWO to work exactly how you work

Everything in the same place at the same time

Works for every type of job hunter in every market

Everything you could possibly need for your job search

Built by a team of global recruitment & HR experts

Works on every mobile device on every platform

Intuitively joins up every document tool & app

Updated daily with your ideas by our team of experts

Turbo Charge Your Job Hunt!


"The 12 Habits" Of Successful Job Seekers

"The 12 Habits" of Successful Job Seekers gives your job hunt, & your career, the perfect foundation. Packed with secrets of the most successful candidates, this 90 page exert from the incredible JobzLab™ series of workbooks gives you a powerful platform that will drive your job hunt forward.
"The 12 Habits" also sets personal standards for you as a job seeker, that will set you apart from your competition in today’s tough jobs market & gives you the tips & secrets you need to land that perfect job.


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