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Our Methodology

At SimonWard.Online™, we take learning, and using what you learn, seriously. For years now we have been researching teaching and learning techniques and have come to the conclusion that traditional career coaching just doesn’t work as effectively as it could.
The data tells us that to embed detailed expertise into a committed student, coaches need to train and mentor on a ‘little and often’ basis.
At SimonWard.Online we have developed our own proprietary learning methodology that lies at the heart of every program.
MICRO-CADENCE COACHING delivers high quality, innovative training and coaching to our students in high impact, short sharp sessions EVERY WORKING DAY.
It’s the difference that makes the difference.

Our History

SimonWard.Online was born when our founder moved on from the incredibly successful JobzLab, who had previously merged with international job-hunting platform I Got Hired. 
Simon had been a key founder and driver behind both companies, having created most of their content, tools and software


Our Philosophy

We are driven by a few simple truths:
  • Candidates learn in different ways and at different speeds
  • Monthly fees for job hunting coaches rewards their failure
  • Coaching is often overpriced training
  • You can never walk away from a candidates job hunt

Our Values

At SimonWard.Online™ we believe we get better and we can help our members more effectively when we collaborate with experts who know things we do not.
We work hard together to get better everyday
Armed Forces personnel are extraordinary people who deserve extraordinary support

Our Mission

Our Mission is a simple one.
“SimonWard.Online will deliver the very best in job hunting Tools, Techniques and Tactics to as many candidates as we can as cheaply as we can, without compromising quality
Micro Cadence Coaching and leading edge technology will be the drivers to achieve this"

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