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  • High Impact, & Proven TEN Module Program
  • Complete the live modules in 10 days, 10 weeks or ten months - your call
  • 10 Live Coaching Sessions With Simon 
  • 10 Live Q&A Sessions
  • Special 
  • A Unique Combination of Live Coaching & Leading Edge Technology
  • Built by Over 30 International Experts
  • Over 20 Hours of On-Demand Video Training
  • A World Class Toolkit of Guides, Templates & Checklists
  • Secure a 90% Lifetime Discount When You Enrol With The Simon Ward Job Search Academy 

Let International Job Search Coach And Founder of I Got Hired™ Simon Ward Lead You Day By Day, Step By Step, Through His Unique ‘Solution Sales Method’ For Job Hunting That Guarantees To Help You Land The Right Job Fast

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The Job Search Accelerator Program Experience

The Job Search Accelerator Program has been developed for committed candidates who want to  ‘Turbo Charge’ their job hunts. The Program blends a highly intense, high impact learning experience with carefully curated daily support and coaching. The timetable walks you through your job hunt step by step. Not only will you benefit from the exclusive coaching expertise of SimonWard.Online every day of the week but you also become a valued member of a peer community that is taking every step of the journey with you.

Simon’s Exclusive Video Vault – A living collection of every video Simon records – anywhere – added every day!

And After FIVE WEEKS Expert Coaching You Get To Retain Access

To The Learning Portal For FIVE MONTHS 

These Guys

Re-Engineered Their Job Hunt With
The Job Search Accelerator Program™

Take A Look At What Happened!!

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 There Is No Job Hunting Program Like This Out There!

Personal – Innovative - Smart

Built on the 200 years plus experience of the JobzLab™, I Got Hired™ and SimonWard.Online teams, and Simon’s exceptional, innovative and proven approach to job hunting, The Job Search Accelerator Program™ optimises the best of modern technology and personal coaching to walk you step by step from the first day of your job hunt to 100 days into your great new role
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The 'Most Comprehensive Job Search Program On the Planet’.... Really?

Yes.... Absolutely

There is just NO other program that walks you step by step, task by task, through these FIVE stages and 18 Steps that will make YOUR JOB HUNT FIT FOR TODAY'S CHALLENGING JOB MARKET 

“Your system, if that’s what you call it, works – its as simple as that and it has got my life back in order. The Job Search Accelerator Program™ has just been brilliant for me”

Operations Manager
London - UK

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Why The Job Search Accelerator Program™
Is SO Different?

1. A Team Of Experts

The Job Search Accelerator Program™ has been developed by an international team of over 30 HR & recruitment experts with over 200 years experience SPECIFICALLY TO ADDRESS THE CHALLENGES OF THE 2022 JOBS CRISIS

2. A Proven Process

The Job Search Accelerator Program™ is based on the innovative, detailed and proven job hunting process Pentagon™ that is at the heart of JobzLab™ & has supported 1000S OF JOB HUNTERS LAND THEIR DREAM JOB FAST

3. Daily Live Coaching

The Job Search Accelerator Program™ is an interactive coaching course, not just videos, or guides & templates but a ‘full fat’ coaching course with OVER 3 HOURS OF LIVE COACHING DELIVERED TO YOUR WORKSPACE EVERY WEEK

The Unique Combination Of LIVE Coaching Five Times A Week and World Class Tools & Resources

Its Hard To Believe That With All This Content, Expertise, Process, Documentation And Technology That The Job Search Accelerator Program Could Get Any Better
But If You Think Anything Is Missing Or We Could Have Done Anything Better, Just Tell Us And We Will Sort It!!
Use The Unique Interactive “Suggestion Boxes” in the Program, Or Just Tell Simon During any one Of The 10 Live Coaching Sessions or 5 Live Q&As You Could Attend!
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Video Coaching

Over 10 hours of focused, professional coaching delivered so you can work at your pace, in your way

Live Coaching

FIVE live coaching sessions through the week making sure get  Simon's support  at all stages of your hunt


Detailed, highly specific expert guidance to support your video and live coaching sessions 


‘Guru Guides’ that really get deep into the subject – 'your differentiation is in the detail'!


Not just outstanding, professional CV & Resume templates but a ‘Pro’ pack that supports everywhere you need it


Everyone needs reminders to make sure they don't miss an event or a task and can work at pace AND with precision

The Critical Path

If you are a 'Job Hunter In a Hurry' this innovative pathway gets you there quicker by working on the  essentials 

The Video Vault

Simon’s personal Video Vault continually adds short sharp updates on tactics and techniques
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Exclusive Live Coaching Sessions With Simon Ward

Every day of the week you will be invited to attend exceptional, focused & structured coaching sessions delivered by Simon Ward personally. Every session will dig deep into a key activity in your job hunt and will include the a Q&A session too.
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to fine tune your job search

Full Retail Value : £2,300

Prepare For Success

Module 1

The ‘Prepare For Success’ Module sets you off on the right path from day one & helps you build the solid & informed foundation that your job hunt needs by helping you:
  • Set up the perfect job hunt environment
  • Evaluate your personal & financial circumstances
  • Understand exactly what you want & need from your new role
  • Define your job hunt campaign plan with clear & measurable targets
  • Learn  the key activities & behaviours that set you apart from your competition.

Full Retail Value : £477

Your Sales Toolkit

Module 2, 3 and 4

The ‘Your Sales Toolkit’ Module gives you all the advice, know-how, checklists & templates you need to create a perfect toolkit for your job hunt, including:
  • A full package of tailored agency & employer resumes & CVs
  • Cover letters that will get you noticed
  • A hard hitting ‘elevator pitch’ to drive home your key sales messages
  • Phone scripts that will have real impact
  • Document packs of references, testimonials & qualifications
  • A Social Media profile that supports, not scuppers, your job hunt
The ‘Your Sales Toolkit’ Module takes you beyond just developing great resumes & cover letters & teaches you how to project a winning personal brand in everything you do, say & write.

Full Retail Value : £477

The Jobs Jungle

Module 5 and 6

‘The Jobs Jungle’ Module guides you through the complex world of the job market giving you the know-how to create a plan that covers all the bases helping you to:
  • Devise a ‘Channel Strategy’ specific to the needs of your job hunt
  • Become an expert at identifying & evaluating opportunities
  • Use Social Media to find & support your job hunt
  • Manage agencies, recruiters, job boards & personal networks like a pro
  • Sell yourself directly to carefully targeted employers
  • Make perfect professional applications & convert them to interviews
Understanding exactly where & how to find the best opportunities & then making the most of them is at the heart of your job hunt.‘The Jobs Jungle’ makes it easy.

Full Retail Value : £477

 The Perfect Interview

Modules 7, 8 and 9

‘The Perfect Interview’ Module gives you everything you could possibly need to prepare & perform perfectly not only in traditional interviews but in all assessment events. The comprehensive content in ‘The Perfect Interview’….:
  • Helps you understand all the stages of the assessment process
  • Gives you a framework to assess exactly the type of interview you are facing
  • Provides tools & checklists to get your preparation spot on
  • Outlines advanced answering techniques to use in all types of interview
  • Walks you through the challenges of all testing techniques
The Perfect Interview Module comprehensively defines the structure, content & purpose of all interview & assessment center events providing the tricks of the trade to take control & ‘close’ your interview.

Full Retail Value : £477

Closing The Deal

Module 10 

The ‘Closing The Deal’ Module takes you from the day you get your offer to 100 days into that perfect new job, making sure you get the best deal, the best prep & the best possible start. Learn how to:
  • Make the right decisions & negotiate the best deal
  • Manage the all important referencing & screening process like a ‘Pro’
  • Make the most of your ‘Exit’ & leave with dignity & everything you need
  • Prepare to walk into your new job with confidence & professionalism
  • Understand the importance of your Employer Brand & how to build a great one
  • Plan for your first 100 days & beyond
So you’ve done the ‘hard work’; you’ve found the ideal role, applied professionally & performed perfectly in your interview & you’ve got the offer – now ‘close the deal’ & get started.

Full Retail Value : £477

Simon's Secret Video Vault

This incredible ‘growing’ video library keeps you bang up to date with everything that is happening in the jobs market and job search related technology tactics and techniques.
Quite simply this resource alone sets The Job Search Accelerator apart from any other online support or guidance that is available to job hunters …… because it is CURRENT.
Simon and his team are adding new coaching videos, answering members questions on video and video tutorials just about every day – and its only available to Job Search Accelerator students.

Full Retail Value : £697


“I’d never heard anything like Simon’s ‘Solution’ approach – it changed how I wrote my CVs, how I approached opportunities and how I interviewed – it was revolutionary for me”

IT Support Manager
Manchester - UK

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Technology Is A Great Enabler But...

Live Coaching Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

The impact of the learning experience comes down to personal contact, high value relationships and high quality, transformational LIVE coaching

The ‘Critical Path’ Super Accelerator
For Job Hunters In A Hurry

This program has been built with the single minded focus on accelerating your journey to that perfect role. However, we recognise that the pathway for a world class 2020 job hunt is comprehensive and detailed and some of our students ‘just want to get on with it’!

If you are a ‘job hunter in a hurry’ you have the option to just focus on the Critical Path and move more quickly through the program.

You can always supplement your experience with other sessions as and when you have time or they become ‘essential learning’ for you.

Turbo Charge Your Job Hunt Today - Get Instant Access Right Now

So What Exactly Are Your Options Today?

Option 1

Trust Old World Advice & Tactics in the New World

Just Dumb!

How can an old solution solve a brand new problem – you know that doesn’t make sense.
Last years coaching and tactis was absolutely fine .... for last year. Today we have to take on the new challenges head on.

Option 2

Do Nothing,  Just Cross Your Fingers And Hope!

Dumb & Even Dumber!

Really? Your going to put your future, your career, your finances in the hands of lady luck.
You are going to bet on you know everything you need to know even though Youre no expert? Good luck with that!

Option 3

Join The Job Search Accelerator Program™ Today

The Clever Choice

Change your circumstances, change your life and change them fast! Joining the Job Search Accelerator Program™ today is not only the wisest decision, it is the only decision if you want your life back on track.
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Take Advantage Of Today's Special Offer

And Pay LESS Than 15% Of The Full Retail Value


You've Got Nothing To Lose With Our

It's really simple - If after working through The Job Search Accelerator Program™ for 90 days, you haven't got, or don't believe you will get that perfect job, we'll send you your money back - just like that.
All we ask is that you follow the process, use the program & give yourself the best chance you've ever had to change your career & your life.
In case you're wondering, we can give this cast iron guarantee because The Job Search Accelerator Program™ WORKS - simple as that.
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Don’t Allow Yourself To Get ‘Ripped Off’

In Our Opinion These Products & Courses Are Horribly Over Priced And Could Be Accused Of Taking Advantage of The Desperation of Today’s Job Hunter’s
Just Don’t Fall For It!!

Our Super Discount Short Term Pricing Is Almost

Too Good to Believe

TOTAL Value: £5,761.00

Get It ALL Right Now


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“The content is fantastic but for me it was the power and detail of the process. It was like having a personal career coach in my pocket all the time.

I always knew what I was doing, how I was meant to do well and what I had to do next”

Payroll Clerk
Oxford - UK

What We Say Isn’t Important - It’s What Our Members Say That Matters

“Before COVID I’d already been laid off twice in the last 5 years and thought there was nothing new in job hunting ..... until I found The Job Search Accelerator”

David Peters

"The Accelerator Program is just so simple & straight forward to follow - professional, clear, concise & practical advice delivered to my inbox every day"

Karen Williams

"I committed about 2 hours a day to the program and it is the best time I’ve ever spent. I ran a job hunt I was proud of and have a great job now."

Suzie McAlpine

This Program Works With Every Sector & Every Skill Set Whatever the Role Level or Seniority

But You have To Be The Right Type Of Job Hunter To Make It work

This Program Works For You If...

If you accept there must be a better way to beat todays job’s market challenge
You know its insane to do the same old stuff and expect a different result
You recognize that you don’t know everything and that you need daily support & guidance to do your best
​You are prepared to work an average of 3 hours a day on your job hunt if you are not working or an hour a day if you are

This Program Doesn't Work For You If...

You don't recognize the ‘once in a generation’ recession we are facing
You believe your old job hunting has always worked so why not now eh?
You believe that job hunting is simple, you’ve just been a little unlucky so far but you don’t need help, you’ll sort it!
You’ll do your job hunting stuff when you have nothing better to do – a structure and working hours are for wimps!

If You recognize Yourself In the Right Hand Column
We’re Sure You’ll Be Fine on Your Own!!

Just Imagine Phoning Home And Telling Your Family All Their Worries Are Over!

This happens for Job Search Accelerator students EACH & EVERYDAY. We get thank you email’s every day from students who cant believe that they can look at the rest of 2022 with a smile on their faces.
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 “After The Job Search Accelerator Program, I got calls from many, many companies and I got selected by several and I was able to select the offer with the best package.

I am very happy regarding my professional career now”

Strategy Consultant
Ohio - USA

What We Say Isn’t Important - It’s What Our Members Say That Matters

The interview tips in The Job Search Accelerator Program™ not only improved how I performed at interviews but also taught me how to follow up & secure the offer. I now work" for a global corporate in a challenging, rewarding & fun roll."

Sonia Beritzo
Chief of Staff
New York, USA

"At last, a Job hunting program that walked me right through my job search from day one until I actually started in my new job. Brilliant! It is so simple to follow and the advice and guidance is just straight forward and practical."

Uzhair Katawhala
Call Centre Operator
Manchester, UK

"Over the years I have used a number of resume writing guides & books on how to prepare for an interview, but after The Job Search Accelerator Program™ I just won’t need anything else. The program all fits together so easily & makes perfect sense. The free Action Lists were particularly useful."

Alex Easter
Sales Manager
London, UK

"The Job Search Accelerator Program™ just does the job; it’s as simple as that. I takes you by the hand, leads you through the jobs market & supports you every step of the way through your job search. The five workbooks join up seamlessly and you always know what to do next and how to do it."

Rob Johnson
IT Support Technician
Bournemouth, UK

"I had not been able to secure a job for nearly two years. I followed The Job Search Accelerator Program™ job application process & was offered 3 jobs in just over 5 weeks! The Program is really easy to follow and the illustrations, checklists and homework topics kept me on track."

Francesca Waltham
Retail Executive
London, UK

"Thank you The Job Search Accelerator Program™. I’m a typically disorganised bloke but I Got Hired™ put me in control of my job search. I knew where everything was & what I needed to do next from researching employers to resume writing & making a job application. I got a job in two months."

Dave Milton
Truck Driver
Melbourne, Australia

What Job Seekers Like You Generally Ask Us About The Program

Our Super Discount Short Term Pricing Is Almost Too Good to Believe

TOTAL Value: £5,761.00


Get It ALL Right Now

ONLY £497

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